To introduce you to our Kitchen Collection we will show you some of the Range Options from each of our Brands. We use more than one brand as it allows us to be flexible with design and cost to suit our customer’s budgets. All our Ranges are especially chosen by Mike Hughes through his experience over the years. We aim to please our customers and only sell products that will last our customers for many years to come. The manufacturers always guarantee their furniture for any problems if they do occur. We have a good working relationship with the Manufacturers we use, and that is why we have thousands of satisfied customers, and Awards for our Customer Service.

We do encourage customers to view our Kitchens in our Showroom in Barrow-in-Furness to see the quality of the furniture, and the attention to detail of the installation. One of our team will help guide you through your choices, and show you options of worktops, built-in in appliances, sinks and taps, and even finishing touches. One of our designers will then arrange to call at your home to measure and take a brief from you of what you want in the space. We take into consideration your tastes and lifestyle, to help you put your personality into your design. Once the design is ready you will be asked back into the showroom for a presentation and discussion. We aim to please and are there to help you make the right decision.

All our Kitchens are installed by our own expert installation team, and fully project managed to bring together our partner trades to complete the whole project in a timely manner.

Our team are respectful and passionate about creating a beautiful finish for each customer.

CLICK ON EACH RANGE BELOW TO VIEW.  This will give you ideas, and an overview.  Each range provides us with different features and price bands, colour choice and styles, allowing our designers to create a design perfect for your taste and budget.

Keller Kitchens Logo Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors

We love our Keller Kitchens, we’ve been a Keller Dealer for many years, and know they stand the test of time.

Keller offer a choice of Inspirational Modern Styles alongside with their Wooden Painted Options for the more Traditional Style.

The furniture is flexible with sizes to allow our designer to create a kitchen that is unique, and work around all those awkward shapes that may be there in your room. Keller provides a wonderful feel for the straight lines in a design, and is 100% made in Holland, in fact made in their own state of the art factory, which is one of the most modern Kitchen factories in Europe. Keller has over 80 Years of success at the top of the European Kitchen Market.

So whether it is a High Gloss Handleless Kitchen or a Rustic Oak Traditional look with a choice of handle to suit your taste. We can customize you Keller Kitchen to suit you and your lifestyle.

Keller’s Handleless Kitchen is a true handleless kitchen combining not just horizontal lines but vertical too for a clean, pure and perfectly contemporary kitchen, giving a minimalistic design. The choice of colours and finishes change the look. In fact Keller is available in all NCS colours (1950 colour shades), available in Silk Gloss, High Gloss and Structured Lacquers.

If it’s a Traditional style you are looking for Keller’s Painted Kitchens will create a stunning Traditional feel for your home with a choice of handles as well as colour for that unique look. Our team will be happy to advise and talk you through your options.


Keller Kitchens Brochure UK 2019.pdf

Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection Logo Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors As a Specialist Independent Kitchen Retailer we enjoy the flair of The Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection for its quality, with wooden drawer boxes, curved corner units and unique feature, and of course as you would expect from Laura Ashley the beautiful painted colourways are stunning.

As most would expect it to be Traditional in style, there are also Classic and Contemporary Styles too to choose from. With choice of handles and accessories we can create that truly special feel to your kitchen for you and the life you live.

Begin your journey by calling into our Showroom premises and see for yourself how beautiful the Laura Ashley Furniture is. See how the units curve round the corner, and you can see some of the unique units available. There are bifold doors, plate rack cabinets, large open shelf units, beautiful mantels with built-in cupboards, Book Racks for your Cookery Books or latest magazines and options of copper handles and external hinges for a different look. These are just a few features, there is even a modern handleless look too. The beauty is also in the detail. You may want to consider what storage you would want to have, and whether you have the space for an island unit, or maybe an stunning pantry unit like we have on display. We can offer feature taps and of course a stone worktop or even wooden if desired for the finishing touches. Keeping elegance with functionality will create a stunning Kitchen space, plus you could take the look further into our home too with opportunities for a Boot Room, or Utility Area with maybe a Belfast sink, or even into your Living Space. Talk to our designers.

We are the area’s only retailer for the Laura Ashley Kitchen Collection, and when you see the results of our installation you will understand why we were chosen to be one of their retailers.


Laura Ashley Kitchen Brochure pdf

milano Logo Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors

The Milano Range is a very flexible range, and offers you the choice of curved cabinets, or straight corners. We love the flexibility with colours and price options too. Milano offers a fabulous range of Contemporary and Classic Styles, from the High Gloss Handled or Handleless look to the time-honoured Classic Painted Design.

The Contemporary Look uses from subtle textures and woodgrain effect doors to smooth painted matt doors and high gloss too. They create a distinctive look. There are contrasting tones that can be brought together in the same range for something quite distinctive. Also options of accent cabinets that can add a burst of colour, or a mellow contrast which ever suits the customer. Of course the handle options can change the look completely, so you have your own unique look. On the whole Milano offers on-trend colours and finishes that can make your kitchen a statement piece for your new look home. The Milano Handleless is clean lines with J Handles in to the doors for ease of opening.

For the Classic look, Milano can create a truly striking kitchen, everything from shaker design to a timeless painted inframe style, or a classic wood. It does included options of curves and swerves for our designers to work with which can create stunning look. There is so much scope with this range to put character into your home.

There is simplicity or detail in their range, and our designers will be happy to guide you through your choices to create that dream kitchen especially for your home.



Callerton Logo Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors

Callerton is our newest addition to our Collection, British made, the Company has 35 years off success behind them. Beautiful furniture for timeless elegant, they are rather special! The Collection includes elegant linear design for a clean contemporary look, and classic lines with that hand crafted feel. There’s also a bold Retro style for that architectural design in your home. Two kitchens will never be alike as we mix and match colours and textures for a unique kitchen. Their Deco style is another option with strong colour and characteristics, plus the opportunity to add soft flowing curves which work exceptionally well into a dining concept. Very stylish features can be added to your design to create the ultimate ambiance. This is a product that should be seen. Our Callerton display takes pride of place in our Reception Area, and is a full roomset including drinks cabinet with bifold doors, glass shelving and incorporates a glass top dining table.

There is a world of opportunity to create something very special for those who enjoy a little luxury in their lives.


Callerton Brochure.pdf


Choosing the perfect worktops to complement your kitchen furniture is essential in the character of your kitchenspace. There are choices of Silestone, Granite, Corian, Wood or Laminate. We can guide you through your choices and advise.

We are a Consentino Elite Showroom for Granite, Silestone and Dekton which we love, for the smart sharp look and durability, and are also now a Corian Dealer for that softer seamless stunning finish. Their shapes and depth are all fabricated to your kitchen’s requirements including drainer grooves and integrated sinks.

There is also a choice of woods, and laminate worktops with upstands and splashbacks as required. If it’s something a little more adventeurous we have mirrored splashbacks.

These options can be seen on displays in the showroom, and you can take the opportunity to experiement with colour schemes in our selection area.

Silestone Worktops

‘Silestone represents beauty and elegance and is available in a huge range of colours.’

Silestone is a leading brand in stone worktops. A product made from more than 90% quartz, delivering both beauty and superior durability. This is why it is perfect for use in interior applications such as worktops, cladding, sinks, and flooring.

Dekton Worktops

‘Dekton equals durability and resistance in the Kitchen space.’

Dekton is the ideal ultra-compact surface for coating all types of surfaces. It is produced from an exclusive particle sintering process: elements such as porcelain, glass and quartz are combined to create a highly-resistant and practically non-porous material. Its durability, resistance to scratches, stains, thermal shock and ultra-violet rays make it an unparalleled product for both interiors and exteriors.

Sensa Worktops

‘Sensa is a naturally stain-resistant stone’

A selection of natural stone in exotic designs extracted from Brazil and India, caused by natural sedimentation over thousands of years. Unlike traditional natural stone, Sensa has an exclusive anti-stain protection that prevents liquids from penetrating the surface, making it perfect for use in kitchens.

Corian Worktops

Corian by Dupont

A Solidly Safe Surface for Kitchens. DuPont ™ Corian® is non-porous, so stains cannot penetrate its surface. The signature flowing seamless look of integrated Corian® kitchen worktops, sinks, and coved backsplashes also means there are no crevices to trap dirt and bacteria. The seamless appearance of Corian® allows your kitchen worktop and islands to take centre stage. Versatile Corian® solid surface can accommodate any aesthetic, from cool contemporary minimalism to traditional country kitchen. Plus, because it is non-porous, easy to clean, and available in a wide spectrum of colours, Corian® material is as practical a home kitchen surface solution as it is visually pleasing.

Built-In Appliances

Siemens Built-in Appliances by Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors
Neff Logo, Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors
Siemens IQ Showroom, Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors
Home Connect, Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors

We are main suppliers of Siemens Built-in Appliances. Siemens Sleek modern designs and innovative technology backed with an excellent after-sales service offer the perfect balance. They offer a full range of appliances, including the latest Wi-Fi connecting ovens which can be operated through the Home Connect App. Siemens have plenty of choice and our staff can demonstrate and explain the features, so you choose the right appliances for you. Siemens Built-in-Appliances include- Self cleaning ovens, Steam ovens or ovens with pulse-Steam, Induction hobs, the latest induct-Air hobs (they extract the smells and steam downwards through the hob), cooker hoods, ceiling extractors, compact appliances, cooling, dishwashers, and washing machines, and of course our favourite the Coffee Machine (customers get to sample the taste in our showroom), it’s a luxury, but an essential for coffee lovers! These all have the latest energy and water saving innovations in the range, so you can benefit in the future.

You can also see the latest aCool built-in cooling Appliances which create a bespoke design in the kitchen, and will certainly become a talking point. The range is modular in style, and includes fridges, freezers, and a wine cabinet as well. Its stunning by design. They also have an American Fridge Freezers for a statement piece.

Our showroom is a Siemens iQ+ Centre showing a collection of eye catching designs and innovative technology offering high energy efficiency. We also hold Cookery Demonstration days from time to time. This helps our customers to have a first-hand experience from a professional cook.

We also supply Neff Built-in Appliances to offer a variety of styles, which include the Neff Slide and Hide Oven, with its innovative slide under door, where the air continues to recirculate the air whilst the door is open. Neff also do a full range of Built-in Appliances and we have many on show in the showroom.



Siemens Built-in Appliance Brochure.pdf

Siemens studioLine Brochure.pdf

Neff Built-in Brochure.pdf

Siemens Built-in Appliances

Siemens IQ Appliances from Mike Hughes
Siemens IQ Appliances from Mike Hughes
Siemens IQ Appliances from Mike Hughes
Siemens IQ Appliances from Mike Hughes

NEFF Built-in Appliances

NEFF Appliances from Mike Hughes


Accessories are of course your choice of taps and sinks which we will guide you through. They can be coordinated to bring out colour, or can simply be brought into the kitchen as a tie in with your ovens. Fragranite, Ceramic, Silestone, Corian, and Stainless steel sinks, in single bowl, double bowl, one and an half bowl are all available. Taps come in a selections of shape, style and colours, there are even 4 in 1 taps which allow not only for filtered water but also a Boiling Water option.  Quooker are our chosen supplier for Hot Taps, they even now have an addition of sparkling water if you so wish.  We are happy to talk you through your options.

Internal drawer dividers and internal accessories are available. It may just be a waste bin, and towel rail, and cutlery drawers you require, but there are many exciting storage solutions to use in the modern drawers, which make accessibility so much easier.

There are many decisions to make when deciding on a new kitchen, but we can help you choose the right accessories for you, your home, and your lifestyle. It feels so much better when you have everything at hand in your working kitchen.

Our showroom display are full of accessories for you to see.

Contact our Specialist Team for Fitted Kitchens and Bedrooms Enquiries

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