Maximising Space and Style: What to Consider When Planning a New Fitted Bedroom

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Planning a new fitted bedroom can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many elements to consider, from the layout and storage options to the lighting and décor, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not, at Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors we are here to help you navigate this process with ease. Drawing from over three decades of experience in the industry, Mike Hughes and his team have the expertise to guide you through every step of your fitted bedroom journey.  It will start with deciding on the space you want to use, then they will advise, and show you options to inspire your vision. Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors can take care of the design and installation, but your input into how you want to use the space and what content you require is a huge advantage to planning a new fitted bedroom. In this blog, we’ll delve into the essential considerations for planning your upcoming fitted bedroom, exploring a comprehensive range of options to ensure that you’ve covered every detail.

Assessing Your Bedroom’s Potential

The initial phase in designing your dream fitted bedroom involves evaluating your room’s potential. Choosing fitted bedroom furniture requires careful attention to the room dimensions and the wall shapes. Maximising floor space is essential when arranging a room, requiring careful measurements to ensure the furniture fits comfortably with ample room to navigate. Placement should also consider windows and natural light, ensuring that large items like wardrobes do not obstruct illumination, thereby maintaining a room’s airy feel and ease of access.

Additionally, getting a grip on how to plan a built-in wardrobe can greatly unlock your room’s potential. Customised storage solutions can optimise the use of space and suit your taste and style. So, whether you’re planning a master bedroom or considering changing a spare room into a dressing room, remember that assessing your room’s potential is an important factor in achieving your dream fitted bedroom.

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Measuring Up

Precise measurements form the foundation of a meticulously planned fitted bedroom. This involves measuring the width and height of the opening where the wardrobe will be installed. When you work with an independent and reputable furniture specialist you can rest assured that they will carefully survey your space to get your exact measurements on your design journey.

However, accurate measurements involve more than just numbers. It’s about taking into account the floor’s evenness, adjusting for the ceiling and walls’ contours, and the positioning of windows, doors, and radiators. Don’t overlook potential alterations in lighting, electrical setups, and flooring in the room. In these details, thorough planning becomes essential for a successful outcome.

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Imagining the Layout

After evaluating your bedroom’s potential and securing precise measurements, you can proceed to envisage the layout. This step is crucial in determining the optimal wardrobe space and ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing interior. The key considerations to visualising a new bedroom layout include the room’s size, functionality, architectural elements, colour scheme, and comfort. When you work with a bespoke fitted bedroom specialist, you can be sure that they will cover this for you and guide you through computer-generated design plans to show you exactly how your new bedroom furniture will fit in your space.

A Fitted Bedroom or Dressing Room represents the pinnacle of luxury. Entrusting this task to a specialist ensures an outcome that will truly astonish you and transform how you use your space. The seamless functionality, impeccable organisation, and breathtaking aesthetics are all part of the exceptional experience you can expect with an interior specialist, like the service we provide at Mike Hughes.

Tailoring Storage to Your Lifestyle

Designing a fitted bedroom is your chance to craft a space that’s not just a room but a reflection of your storage needs and lifestyle preferences. Fitted wardrobes are a testament to this personalised approach, offering a structured way to maximise storage. Tailor them to your taste and needs with interior options like drawers, shoe rails, and shelving, or add a touch of elegance with stylish exterior features.
But a wardrobe’s purpose extends beyond just storing items. It’s about the ease of accessing your belongings. Picture hanging rails set at just the right height, shoe storage solutions that make selection effortless, custom shelving that fits your unique needs, and even integrated lighting to softly illuminate your wardrobe’s interior. These thoughtful details ensure that your fitted wardrobe doesn’t just store your possessions—it elevates your daily routine.
The design journey doesn’t stop there. Whether your aesthetic leans towards the sleek and contemporary or the classic and timeless, this is your moment to infuse the room with your personal flair. Transform your storage into a statement piece that resonates with your taste and dressing style.
And let’s not forget the influence of colour and finish texture. These elements dress your room, setting the tone for the entire space. It’s about creating a visually pleasing environment and a comforting sanctuary, where relaxation is second nature. After all, your bedroom is more than just a space—it’s your personal retreat.

The Elegance of Mirrored Doors

In selecting wardrobe doors, consider the stylish and practical aspects of mirrored doors. They not only serve as a convenient spot for grooming but also enhance the sense of spaciousness in the room. Additionally, integrating mirrors inside the wardrobes offers another layer of convenience and functionality to your space.
Mirrors for a dedicated dressing table area is essential, providing a private spot for your beauty routine. Adding this and open shelving to your fitted bedroom design can enhance versatility and transform the functionality of your bedroom. Discussing these options with your designer allows you to tailor every aspect to your preferences.
The true charm of made-to-measure fitted bedroom furniture lies in its design flexibility, offering endless possibilities to fit your lifestyle and taste.

The Charm of Bespoke Furniture Doors

Another excellent choice for your fitted bedroom involves bespoke furniture doors. They offer a perfect fit for your specific needs and dimensions.

At Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors, every bedroom is meticulously crafted with made-to-measure furniture, optimising storage space effectively and adapting gracefully to the room’s unique dimensions. Our design options accommodate angled ceilings and walls, ensuring a perfect fit in any space. Our skilled installation team brings these bespoke creations to life with a keen eye for detail.

Regardless of your home’s architectural style, be it modern or traditional, the furniture from Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors offers a variety of height and width options. This precision in design ensures that each piece complements the specific character and dimensions of the space it inhabits.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Lighting sets the perfect ambience in your fitted bedroom, transforming it into a sanctuary of comfort and style. Embracing smart lighting solutions enhances visibility and crafts a warm, inviting atmosphere.
Strategically placed, purpose-fit lighting in your closet illuminates your wardrobe, making picking out clothing and shoes effortless in any season. Exploring options like sleek LED closet lighting, and subtle recessed lights can elevate the functionality in your space. It’s also worthwhile considering the placement of ceiling and wall lights prior to installation, as this opens up endless possibilities to shape the mood and ambience of your bedroom.
With many lighting choices, your designer will provide expert advice, ensuring the lighting scheme complements the aesthetic of your bedroom and resonates with your style and functional needs.

Adding A Dressing Room

To bring luxury and convenience, consider a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe in your fitted bedroom design. Providing plenty of storage space for clothing, shoes, and accessories, a dressing room can help maintain a clutter-free bedroom. Adding a dressing room enables you to access your essentials with ease, and offers a space to get ready for the day or evening ahead.

Creating a walk-in wardrobe can be as simple as converting a spare bedroom or connecting an adjoining room to your existing bedroom. Though initially daunting, the lasting benefits of personalising your space with a dressing room far surpass the initial efforts and are a worthwhile investment.

Eco-Friendly Options

Embracing sustainability in your fitted bedroom reflects environmental responsibility and adds a unique story to your space. Many reputable bedroom specialists embed this approach throughout all their projects or even offer a recycled range, as we do at Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors. These materials, sourced from recyclable and renewable resources, are carefully selected to reduce environmental impact and are crafted to meet the highest standards of durability and design. These natural materials ensure a gentle touch on the environment and also provide you with the comfort of knowing your home is decorated with eco-conscious choices that promote sustainability.

Trusting Established Expertise

Choosing the right experts is crucial when planning a new fitted bedroom. Opt for a company with a proven track record in design and installation within the fitted furniture industry. At Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors in Barrow-in-Furness, our specialist services are tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring a comprehensive and personalised experience.
From the first inspirations and discussions to the meticulous details of the installation, our seasoned team is committed to crafting a fitted bedroom that exceeds your expectations.
We pride ourselves on a legacy of thousands of satisfied customers across the Furness and South Lakes region of Cumbria, who stand as a testament to the quality and service we provide at Mike Hughes.
If you’re ready to begin your journey towards a new fitted bedroom or dressing room, contact our team at Mike Hughes at 01229 871122 or email [email protected] for a blend of expertise and personalised service.

Frequently Asked Questions


Fitted wardrobes typically extend to the ceiling, particularly within the made-to-measure category, offering various height options. This design choice maximises storage space, is tailored to the ceiling’s height, and is favoured for its aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. When wardrobes stretch to the ceiling, it prevents dust accumulation and discourages the habit of placing items on top, maintaining an organised space.


Opting for fitted wardrobes with backs is highly advisable as it contributes significantly to the wardrobe’s structural stability and elevates the overall aesthetic. At Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors, all wardrobes are constructed with backs, reinforcing the structure and ensuring a polished and clean appearance.


A fully fitted bedroom is a harmonious blend of custom-designed furniture pieces, meticulously crafted to create a cohesive look. Every element, from wardrobes to bedside tables, is designed to complement each other, offering a personalised space tailored to the customer’s specific requirements and style preferences.


To maximise your bedroom’s storage potential, engage with a specialist designer who can skilfully assess your space, provide tailored advice, and showcase a variety of options in their showroom. Custom-fitted wardrobes, designed to meet your unique storage needs, are an excellent way to utilise every inch of your bedroom efficiently.


Partnering with a fitted bedroom specialist is key to ensuring your wardrobes perfectly fit your space. These professionals precisely measure your room, taking into account any irregularities in walls, floors, and ceilings. Trust in a company that designs and installs the furniture, as they bear the responsibility to flawlessly execute the project from start to finish.


Indeed, a fitted bedroom is a luxurious addition to any home, signifying an investment in enhancing your personal lifestyle. Professionally designed and installed, a fitted bedroom not only stands the test of time but also transforms your space into a haven of comfort, offering a serene retreat for dressing, relaxation, and efficient storage.

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