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Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors Triumph At The KBSA Awards 2023

We are delighted to be named winners of not one but two prestigious KBSA awards at this year’s KBSA Awards and Conference in September at the Belfry Hotel and Resort.

It was a wonderful event for us, two National Awards, which is a great achievement for our small family business.’

Our company secretary, Ann Hughes, shared our joy at winning two awards. Mike achieved ‘Bedroom Designer of the Year 2023’ and came joint first for ‘Customer Service Award 2023’. Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors was thrilled to be recognised in both categories.

KBSA Bedroom Designer Of The Year- Bespoke Bedroom Design

As fitted bedroom interiors are a huge part of what we do every day at our company, Mike was immensely proud of the fantastic recognition he received for this beautifully bespoke bedroom. The client, a young adult living at home with his parents, needed more storage space and was seeking a streamlined layout for his long, narrow bedroom. He also wanted a dedicated area for all of his multimedia equipment. Mike’s design created a relaxing and comfortable interior where you could easily access the ingenious features of the fittings and surrounding décor. With optimal cupboard space for all his games and Blu-Ray DVDs, deep sliding drawers to organise belongings and convenient shelving with integrated lighting to display personal items, this design epitomises order and comfort.

Mike carefully maximised every inch of the room, using open shelving to add a softer touch to the modern industrial style of the cabinetry. Mike also used a darker wood effect to add depth and dimension to the interior, which is part of our recycled range. It blended beautifully with the dark green accent of the space. ‘Specialised spaces’ is the cornerstone of our values at Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors. Mike referred to this in a recent interview with Kitchens & Bathrooms News whilst discussing his bedroom design award.

 ‘It is a great reward for us all here, and we are very proud!’

Ann commented on the incredible teamwork demonstrated by Mike, our client and our installation team to create this flawless bedroom design.

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Exceptional Customer Service, KBSA’s ‘Customer Service Award’

In addition to winning ‘KBSA’s Bedroom Designer Of The Year’ Award, we also shared first place with Regal Interiors for the ‘KBSA’s Customer Service Award.’ This accolade held a special significance for Mike Hughes and our team.

It means so much because it is awarded on feedback from our customers.’ – Ann Hughes

At Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors, we are passionate about our warm and friendly approach to meeting all the needs of our clients and are committed to providing an honest and transparent service. Pleasing our clients is at the heart of everything we do at Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors. Our collaborative team effort brings interiors to life, and we take great pride in our dedicated team.

Both awards reflect our outstanding collective effort, highlighting our commitment and hard work in crafting exceptional interiors.

Why Us?

Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors Are Proud Members Of KBSA

Our performance is constantly reviewed and assessed by the KBSA, and this accreditation requires us to follow a strict code of conduct which safeguards our clients. With this esteemed seal of approval, you can relax with peace of mind, knowing that your upcoming design project is in safe hands.

As we mark 36 years in business at Mike Hughes, we have had thousands of satisfied customers, many returning, and many accomplishments to be proud of. If you want to learn more about our expert interiors and service, click the button below to get in touch…

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