Kitchen Design Trends 2022

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At Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors, we keep an eye on the latest trends to bring our clients timeless and long-lasting kitchens that are up to date with the latest styles and ideas. Your kitchen should undoubtedly stand the test of time, however, looking to new trends and design ideas can be a great place to find inspiration that you can use to make your space your own. The last couple of years have been unusual, to say the least, and it’s not surprising that some of the changes we’ve experienced have contributed to the way we approach our kitchen interiors in 2022. We’ve put together a shortlist of the most timeless kitchen design trends we expect to see this year, in order to give you a great starting point for your new project.



The Quintessential Hand Painted Kitchen

In 2022 the shaker kitchen style remains as popular as ever, and the perfect way to complement this classic design is with a beautiful timeless hand painted finish. Shaker kitchens are designed to stand the test of time and a luxurious and long-lasting hand painted surface makes the ideal finishing touch. In recent years more bold colour schemes have gained popularity and the richness and depth achieved by a hand painted surface capture the subtle undertones of a robust colour scheme like nothing else. In 2022 striking colour palettes continue to reign supreme with more warming choices such as olive greens, dusky pinks and rich plums coming to the fore alongside navy blue and forest green stalwarts. Two-tone kitchen colour schemes have been incredibly popular with our clients over the past year and we expect to see more from this trend in 2022. Opting for a hand painted kitchen is sure to make your stylish colour scheme sing whatever colours you choose.

Small Kitchen Island Traditional



The Sleek & Streamlined Kitchen

Taking inspiration from German kitchen design, the streamlined handleless kitchen has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last couple of years. Defined by its clean lines and minimal styling the modern handleless kitchen creates an immaculate backdrop for cooking as well as entertaining. It utilises in-built appliances, intelligent storage and full-height banks of units to achieve exceptional practicality as well as a distinctive refined aesthetic. The sleek and clutter-free finish establishes a calming ambience, which after a turbulent 2021 is a desirable benefit for many, and with more of us considering open-plan living, the hidden functionality and subtle aesthetic of the streamlined kitchen make them a great choice for 2022.

Modern Kitchen Island With Storage



Bringing The Outdoors In

One thing we all noticed in 2020 is just how important the outdoors is to our health and wellbeing. This understanding will place a new emphasis on the way we design our homes overall as well as how we design our kitchens. Allowing plenty of natural light into your space is key to making it feel bright and airy, while introducing bigger windows and bi-fold doors bring our connection to the outdoors even closer. Natural materials are going to be a really important feature in 2022. Wood surfaces establish a rustic and homely vibe whilst making our kitchens feel more natural and beautifully inviting. Consider adding a couple of houseplants or some fresh foliage for a little more green positivity.

Traditional Shaker Kitchen Island



Kitchen Living Spaces

In 2020 many of us had to adapt, kitchens became home offices, living rooms became gymnasiums and, in general, the way we used our homes became much more all-encompassing and versatile. Having to think creatively about our space has encouraged all of us to look towards establishing more flexible and liveable interiors. While you might not feel comfortable going completely open-plan, adding an informal seating area to your kitchen is an ideal solution. Zoning through the use of different materials will be a prominent concept in 2022, this includes introducing soft furnishings, warmer colours and inviting materials to define areas in your kitchen for relaxing or working. Kitchen islands continue to be incredibly popular and introducing a breakfast bar is a great opportunity to create a distinctive zone with casual seating.



Dark & Dramatic Textures

As handleless kitchens have gained popularity they have become available in a superb array of ground-breaking finishes, from dramatic textural metal oxides, to statement slates and lavish dark woodgrains. The dark monochrome kitchen is the latest style innovation and creates a truly stunning and sophisticated atmosphere to a modern space. In this kitchen below we have gorgeously accentuated the dramatic oxide finish with three cleverly placed spotlights. Dark and moody textures create a remarkable on-trend interior.

Dark Matt Kitchen Interior



Each year new kitchen design trends aim to enhance our homes and help us to get more from our spaces, and at Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors, we’ve selected some of our favourite most timeless ideas for both contemporary and traditional kitchens. If you’ve been inspired by some of the designs in this blog, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our design team to find out more. We’d absolutely love to hear about your project, you can call us on 01229 871122 or email [email protected].

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